19" Lightning Protection SPM

The SPM-series consists of a number of high quality lightning surge protection modules according to IEC Type II+III with integrated EMC-filter. This results in good protection levels. The protection components are in a metallic case and are easily and reliably connected to the wiring through cage clamps.

With matching adapters the protection modules can be installed in a 19" system requiring 3U in height or as standalone components . The depth of the modules is only 170 mm. The width of the modules  varies and is 7 HP, 14 HP or 21 HP depending on the module type.

Depending on the protection concept the protected side of the modules can be chosen to be either in front or on the rear side. However, all modules should have the same orientation in order to separate unprotected and protected wires for best protection.  

Technical data and further installation details can be found in our lightning protection modules catalog. 

If you don't find a module matching your needs, please do not hesitate to aks us for customer specific types.


19"-Surge Protection Modules Catalog

In our 19"-Surge Protection Module Catalog you find a number of standard modules for installation in 19"-systems or with optional adapters as "standalone" types. 

Download SPM-Catalog as PDF (english-german) here: SPM-Catalog

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