EMC / EMP-Products

The EMC-Division (Electromagnetic Compatibility) of Meteolabor Inc. develops and produces numerous high quality Surge Protection Devices to protect the wiring of highly reliable electronics against overvoltages due to HEMP / NEMP / EMP (High altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse) and lightning.

USS-1 Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection of a single wire carrying signal or data. 
USS-2 Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection of a symmetric dataline or a single wire
USP Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection of AC or DC power supplies, especially for mobile use
PLP Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection Type I+II+III of three-phase power supplies for fixed installations
CSP Series: EMP / Lightning protection of coaxial RF cables 
MAK Series: Modular HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection, for vehicles, containers and transportable equipment
SPM Series: Lightning protection Type II+III for 19" installation or standalone to protect industrial electronics

This is our catalog of EMP-Protection products Lightning and EMP Protection Devices Products