EMP Protected Camera

E1 & E2 Hardened HP IP Colour Camera

E1 & E2 Hardened HP IP Colour Camera

As the thread of a nuclear attack and also the trend to use electro-magnetic weapons (intentional electromagnetic interference – IEMI) are constantly growing, there is demand for CCTV systems, which can survive such attacks. Lightnings in close vicinity also cause high electromagnetic pulses (EMP).
PONTIS (N)EMP cameras offer a special shielding and filtering to withstand the high field strengths, especially magnetic fields, occurring with EMP and NEMP pulses. In addition to the electro-magnet immunity the cameras can also withstand harsh environmental conditions.

There are three versions available:
– In door use (0° to 70 °C)
– Weather proof: IP 64 (-40 °C to +60 °C)
– Extended version with sealed housing for very hot and dusty environment:
   IP64 (-30 °C to +75 °C)

It most cases these cameras need to be integrated in existing CCTV and surveillance systems. The NEMP camera offers an IP interface, that is compatible with many surveillance software applications (supporting also ONVIF).
The PONTIS NEMP CCTV system is composed of the actual camera inside a weather proof housing and a separate shielded power supply. The data communication (Ethernet) is by fibre optics. All cables for the power supply need to be specially shielded. Inside the camera housing there is a special mechanical shielding and high performance filters.

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