MAK Modular Attachment Kit

MAK is short for "Modular Attachment Kit" and is an innovative protection concept for a combined EMC-solution with protection against lightning and HEMP / NEMP / EMP. The MAK solution is mostly used for mobile or transportable systems such as containers, vehicles and transportable shelters, requiring the attachment of external wires for power supply or remote data or antenna lines.

The MAK box is integrated into the metallic wall of a shielded room as feed-through unit. Depending on the types of cables to be attached a variety of protection modules with matching connectors can be plugged into the MAK-box. Primarily these modules protect people working in the shielded room against the efffects of a nearby lightning, however, they simultaneously protect electronic equipment against surges due to lightning or NEMP / HEMP / EMP or against conducted electromagnetic interferences (EMI).

A great advantage of the modular concept is the flexibility for later system modifications or for repair or test purposes, because the modules can easily be exchanged. For this purpose the modules come in three standard sizes. For more details please see our MAK catalog Release 2021. The MAK-box carries modules with height of 3U (3 x 44.45 mm, derived from 19" rack system). The inner width of the MAK-box varies with the multiple of 7 HP (5.08mm in 19" system), current sizes are 35 HP, 56 HP, 77 HP, 98 HPE and 119 HP .

MAK-modules come in different protection levels, either for lightning protection, for NEMP / HEMP and lightning protection class II+III or Class  I+II+III.  Many modules are HEMP-tested on threat-level according to MIL-STD-188-125.

Please do not hesitate to ask for customer specific modules