Custom specific projects

Custom projects

SRS-GR52 upper air solar radiation

SRS-GR52 measures solar radiation in the the Troposphäre

In collaboration with the german weather service (DWD) we develop a solar radiation measuring instrument for the tropospähre and lower stratosphere. As a  first, we are able to accurately measure short wave and long wave radiation at altitude up to 25 km.

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COF - thermohygrometer for space applications

Meteolabor had the privilege to contribute the COF thermohygrometer to NASA's ISS mission.  The COF thermohygrometer controls the air temperature and humidity inside the module.  The COF was adopted into the module's own Environmental Control & Life Support Systems (ECLSS).  Two factors that set Meteolabor apart from the competition were its exceoptionally high level of precision in comparison with other conventional humidity sensors and its guarantee of a longer maintenance-free lifetime.  


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Klimet A30

Klimet A30 and Klimet A30-I both measure temperature, dew point, and air pressure.  Klimet A30 is a reference instrument to determine air buoyancy in comparator scales and is sold worldwide together with a comparator balance through  Mettler Toledo.  It is more accurate than Klimet A30-I and more suitable for laboratory settings (15...25 °C). Klimet A30-I is tailored more toward general usage (-100...100 °C). 

Datasheet Klimet A30

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Klimet A30-V

Klimet A30-V is a reference instrument for temperature, dew point, air pressure, and CO2 content.  This instrument was developed as a reference to determine air buoyancy in mass comparator scales.  The Klimet A30-V can be operated in low presssure environments and in a vacuum.  It is sold worldwide together with a comparator balance through Mettler Toledo.

Datasheet Klimet A30-V

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