Air humidity

THYGAN - ventilated thermohygrometer

The VTP6 Thygan is both a ventilated heated thermometer and a chilled mirror type dew point hygrometer for weather station.  The instrument is designed to withstand field operation and meets the highest standards for reliability and accuracy, even under the most severe environmental conditions.

Measuring range: -65...+50°C, Resolution: 0.01°C, 0.1%rF

Datasheet VTP37 - thermohygrometer
Datasheet VTP37 - Airport - thermohygrometer with fog detection
Datasheet VTP6 - thermohygrometer with separate control unit

Datasheet CU-VTP - control unit for VTP6

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Klimet A30

The accuracy and reliability of the Klimet A30 has allowed it to become a reference instrument for temperature, dew point, and air pressure.  It is the reference instrument that determines the air buoyancy in comparator scales.  For this application, it is sold worldwide together with the comparator balance through Mettler Toledo.

Klimet A30-I is one version of the instrument that is used for other reference applications.

Datasheet Klimet A30

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TP3-S - hygrometer

TP3-S is a dew point mirror hygrometer. The instrument is optimal for applications where light weight, small power consumption, and small size are important.  The instrument is used in balloon and airborne systems.

Datasheet TP3-S

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