The WMO recommends that measurements of outside air temperature be conducted 2 meters above a flat surface of grass.  However, various effects from outdoor conditions (e.g. sun radiation, snow, rain, etc.) may negatively affect the accuracy of the thermometer's measurements if not properly accounted for. 

However, the instruments engineered at Meteolabor AG combat those negative effects to ensure precision and accuracy.  Our instruments minimize such effects by controlling the senors' immediate surrounding area with a ventilator.  The ventilator regulates and stabilizes the sensor's environment to ensure accurate measurements.


VT36 - ventilated thermometer

VT36 is designed to measure outside air temperature.  The device meets the highest reliability and operational safety stipulations.  With this device, you are guaranteed an accurate measurement of air temperature independent of (solar) radiation due to the following: 1) a double radiation shielding arrangement and 2) ventilation of the thermometer sensor.

Measuring range: -65...+50°C, Resolution: 0.01°C

Data sheet VT36

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THYGAN - ventilated thermohygrometer

The VTP6 Thygan is both a ventilated heated thermometer and a mirror-type dew point hygrometer.  The instrument is designed to withstand field operation and meets the highest demands for reliability and accuracy, even under the most severe environmental conditions.

Measuring Range: -65...+50°C, Resolution: 0.01°C, 0.1%rF

Datenblatt VTP37 - Thermohygrometer mit eingebautem Steuergerät
Datenblatt VTP37 - Airport - Thermohygrometer mit Nebeldetektion
Datenblatt VTP6 - Thermohygrometer mit separatem Steuergerät

Datenblatt CU-VTP - Steuergerät zu VTP6

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