Upper Air

Upper Air

Our radiosondes go beyond simply measuring temperature, humidity, air pressure, and wind. (PTU)

With additional sensors, our instruments sample other parameters such as ozone or aerosole content. SnowWhite® can measure humidity in the troposphere and lower stratosphere using a dewpoint mirror for radiosondes.

Our development of P760 and P763 allowed us to create a secondary radar radiosounding system that meets the standards of the Swiss Army.


Argus 37 - ground station

The ground station Argus 37 is used for SRS-C34 radiosondes.  It is a modular system that can be made from various receivers, antennas, and devices customized to fit your specific needs.

Argus37 Data sheet

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ASMS42 - software

The ASMS42 software allows you to perform radio soundings using any of the radiosondes in the SRS-C34 series.  The modular system provides flexibility as you can use various combinations of instruments including SRS-C34, SnowWhite®, Flash, or the ECC ozone sensor.

Datasheet ASMS42

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SRS-C34 - radiosonde

The radiosonde SRS-C34 is a measuring platform that combines the highest quality sensors available today.  Integration of various sensors is possible on this device.  Depending on the equipment attached to it, the SRS-C34 can be used for research or routine operations.  Additionally, it may also be used as a reference radiosonde as it has been recognized for its outstanding precision and reliability.  

Overview SRS-C34 Radiosondes

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COBALD - aerosol sensor

The aerosol sensor COBALD (Compact Optical Backscatter Aerosol Detector) was developed at the ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) Zürich.  The operating platforms for the sensor are the SRS-C34 sonde and the Argus37 ground system.

Light from two high power LEDs (250 mW optically at 455 nm and 870 nm) is scattered back by air molecules and particles to the front of the sonde.  A silicon photo detector, placed between the LED emitters, measures the light coming back.  A range extending 0.5 m to 5 m in distance from the sonde is probed.  The sensitivity of the device limits its application to night time usage only.  Technical details for the aerosol sonde COBALD are summarized in its data_sheet.  Data measured by COBALD is included in the telemetry transmitted by the SRS-C34 radiosonde.  The combined SnowWhite®, COBALD, and SRS-C34 setup is shown in the picture.

More information about the aerosol sonde COBALD can be found on the ETH website.

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SnowWhite® - frostpoint mirror

The upper troposphere and lower stratosphere present the greatest challenges to radiosonde relative humidity measurements because of both the low temperatures involved (down to -80°C) and the contamination of water vapor as the device passes through the upper cloud.  

SnowWhite® uses dew point mirror technology that allows it to more accurately and quickly measure humidity in this region compared to other humidity sensors.

Datasheet SnowWhite

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Weather Balloons

We have ballons in small quantity on stock, for large numbers or special requirement we can order for you.

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