Weather stations

Weather stations

Our weather stations are comprised of various sensors and components.  Depending on your application's needs, we can assemble a weather station consisting of any combination of the following: thermohygrometer Thygan; thermometer VT36; anemometer WNZ37, WN37, or WMSC37; barometer BM35; and third party instruments such as raingauges or radiation instruments.

We use our handcrafted MeteoBus system to connect all our devices. Our MetJournal software allows you to collect and visualize data with a user-friendly interface. The modularity of the system allows the highest degree of customization to meet your specific needs.


The common interface for all our sensors is MeteoBus.

Its modular design provides you the flexibility to expand your system at a later date.

Additionally, sensors from other manufacturers can be attached using the IS-interface.


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Our MetJournal software collects and stores measured values in a database.  The user-friendly interface easily allows you to display data graphically or export data to a spreadsheet for further analysis.  MetJournal can be configured to your requirements.

MetJournal Datasheet

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THYGAN - thermohygrometer

Thygan is both a ventilated, heated thermometer as well as a high precision dew point mirror. The instrument is built to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and fulfills the highest requirements in reliability, precision, and sensitivity.

Measuring range: -65...+50°C, Resolution: 0.01°C, 0.1%rF

Datasheet VTP37 - thermohygrometer
Datasheet VTP37 - Airport - thermohygrometer with fog detection
Datasheet VTP6 - thermohygrometer with separate control unit

Datasheet CU-VTP - control unit for VTP6

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VT36 - ventilated thermometer

VT36 measures outside air temperature.  The design meets the highest standards in reliability and operational safety.  Its configuration includes double radiation shielding and an effective, dependable ventilation system for the thermometer-sensor.  This arrangement guarantees an accurate measurement of air temperature, independent of radiation (specifically solar).

Measuring range: -65...+50°C, Resolution: 0.1°C

Data sheet VT36

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BM35 - barometer

The BM 35 barometer is a precise instrument that measures pressure for meteorological applications.

Measuring range: 600...1100hPa, Resolution: 0.01hPa
Long term stability:  <100ppm / year     (<0.1hPa / year)

Datasheet BM35 Barometer

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WNZ37, WN37, and WMSC37 - wind gauges

Wind gauges WN37 and WNZ37 measure the east/west and north/south wind components, allowing the calculation of horizontal wind velocity.  The WNZ37 measures the vertical component of wind as well.  If only wind speed (and not wind direction) is of interest, then the WMSC37 cup anemometer is the most suitable instrument for your application.  As the propellers or cups revolve, the rate of rotation is measured using high frequency initiators which allow operation free of both direct contact and feedback effects.  As a result, the sensors respond very sensitively to the slightest air movements.

Anemometer WNZ37, WN37, WMSC37

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Other instruments

The flexibility of our system allows us to attach other instruments like rain gauges or sun radiation instruments using the IS-Interface.  We can develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.  

Data sheet IS-interface

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