Radiosonde SRS-C50
Radiosonde SRS-C50

Dear finder
Have you found a Swiss radio sonde?
These sondes are started two times a day by the Aerological Station Payerne (a regional office of the Swiss Meteorological Institute). A hydrogen-filled rubber balloon with a diameter of approx. 2 metres carries the sonde to an altitude of up to 35'000 metres within 90 minutes. At this altitude the balloon bursts and the sonde, suspended on a parachute, glides back to earth. During its flight the sonde has radio contact with the ground station in Payerne, Switzerland. The sonde contains instruments that measure the temperature, humidity and ozone concentration. The readings are transmitted to the ground station by a small sonde transmitter. These signals are received by the radar unit which also measures the wind velocity and wind direction. The results are evaluated by a computer in Payerne and immediately exchanged in the international network of meteorological services. The data are important for aeronautical weather service, weather forecast and environmental research.

As the sonde can be re-utilized we kindly ask you to return it.

old sondes
Attention: the former models, SRS-C34 and SRS400 we can no longer recycle, if you find such a model pls dispose it.

Pls cut the rope with the ballon and put the radiosonde into a cardboard box or plastic pouch. Pls put also your address as we will send you a reward within one month. (The rope and ballon can be disposed with usual household waste)

Our address in switzerland is:
Meteolabor AG, Hofstrasse 92, CH-8620 Wetzikon

For sondes found in surrounding countries:
Meteolabor (Deuschland) GmbH, Breslauer Strasse 23, DE-91083 Baiersdorf


thank you, for your support