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THYGAN VTP37 freigestellt.png

Thygan VTP37

The Thygan is an extremely precise, heated and networked weather station with a dew point mirror. It is designed for low-maintenance use under the most adverse climatic conditions.

BM35 freigestellt.png


The BM35 is a precision instrument for meteorological applications. A resonance pressure sensor cell guarantees maximum stability and accuracy. The measuring range is 600..1'100 hPa with a resolution of 0.01 hPa.


Klimet A30

The Klimet A30 is a reference measuring device for temperature, dew point and air pressure. The device was developed for the determination of the air weight in comparator scales. Sales and advice from the company  Mettler Toledo .



The newly developed digital radiosonde SRS-C50 can be equipped with different sensors. The temperature, humidity, air pressure, ozone and wind are measured.


WNZ37, WN37

Our anemometers record the wind components east / west and north / south to determine the wind data of interest in the horizontal plane. In addition, WNZ37 measures the zenith component.

The measuring range is 0.1m / s ... 50m / s with a resolution of 0.01m / s,





Solutions for your needs

Meteolabor has a large number of standard products. Nevertheless, she earns a large part of her turnover with customer-specific solutions that are adapted to her environment.

Below we show three such solutions.


Monitoring the ISS climate

On behalf of ESA, Meteolabor developed a device for the Colombus module of the international space station. It serves the  long-term and low-maintenance monitoring of the climate.


iHMSD for the ESA

Together with CSEM and Smartfish, Meteolabor has developed a system that can be used when space shuttles re-enter. The client was the ESA. The space glider flew with MACH 1 to an altitude of 32 km and independently corrected mission-endangering situations.


Argus 48

Meteolabor developed a system for the Swiss Air Force that probes the exact weather situation on site.
It consists of radiosondes and a mobile ground station.


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